About us

Giri Iyya Publications has been Launched with the noble objective of giving platform to the social and service minded writers those who create works by focusing the world peaceful, social welfare and Human health. The main purpose of our publication is to make such creations should reach out the public. Many such writers are unable to take their creations to the people because of lack of financial resources and lack of the knowledge on how to accomplish this task. So many publishing agencies exploit such writer's inability and cheating them in the name of royalty.

So, the service motive writers can approach us. Giri Iyya Publications will print and publish their works in the free of cost. We assure you hazel free support and will not infringe on your right to publish you copy right etc...

We also have released several books, CDs, DVDs about health and Global peace. The public can get benefit of utilizing them.

Writers are invited to come forward to publish your creative works that deal with problems related candidly to the society, aspects of general health-upkeep, realms of balanced spiritualism, views of/on decent politics, advancement of the general health of the economy, means for promoting tranquil life, justifiable human relationships, imparting fundamental knowledge in emerging spectra of human wisdom, collection of aphoristic sayings of world leaders and the like.

Writers / Authors can avail themselves of this avenue open to them, as we take a piece of writing into consideration only if it reflects their depth of subject-knowledge, originality/creativity, great societal significance and relevance, without being detrimental to the interests of the readers at large.

Such of those writers enjoy full liberty either to publish their works themselves or do so through any other publisher at a later date. For that Giri Iyya Publications will render full support.

It is the committed mission of Giri Iyya Publications to protect the credulous writers from being any more exploited by some unscrupulous publishers who offer them only a meager sum of money as royalty. We promise to pay them what they rightly deserve -- a very attractive royalty.